Don't ever allow Christina Kenny (Catonsville MD) to represent you.... she is a horrible attorney!

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I hired Christina Kenny to represent me as my family law and child support attorney. There were warning signs in the beginning - like the rude receptionist, the weird office entrance and her how rude she treated a client that I saw exiting her office while I waited to see her... .but I was in need for representation. First, she lost my paperwork (paystubs, child care letters, court information, etc. - Second, she overbilled me more than twice and refuses to research her errors - third, she was rude to my fiance - Fourth, during child support court, she didn't speak up for me enough and she allowed the other attorney to overtalk her .. she even allowed the other party to overtalk her -- Fifth, during family court for visitation, she actually spoke out and disagreed with me inside the court room (instead of doing this in private) and she began discussing what her husband must do for her step-daughter.. then she judged what and how my order should look by what he has to do.

When all of my scheduled court dates were finished, I contacted her and she was extremely rude and she basically showed me how she wanted to treat me all along, only the paycheck wasn't guaranteed at the time.

Hire another family law/child support attorney. Trust me, you are not going to feel like she has represented you to the fullest. It's about getting a paycheck (showing up and that's all) to her.


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Christina Kenny is very rude s nd unprofessional.Overall I think she is a awful person.

She is very bossy any ignorant. She helped my ex in our custody agreement, but she is my ex's sister's best friend.

She should have known as a professional that she could not make fair judgement.She was extremely rude, I'm glad im not the only one with complaints.


Thats what you get when you hire a n-igger as your lawyer. I would never hire a filthy knuckle dragging pavement ape to represent me in my child and family matters. Lesson learned, want it done right, hire a white, don't want your kid back, hire a black.

to Mr. White Columbus, Ohio, United States #698722

Shame on you for making such an ignorant statement. People like you should rot in ***!


I hired Ms.Kenny to help me with a custody and support matter.

She reduced her fee because of my low income.

She did a very nice job for me and I would give her name to anyone looking for a lawyer.By the way, I am a woman and had no problems like discussed by the person posting this complaint.


That is because you are a man. She treated me with such disrespect each and every time that I saw her. She also is not prepared and doesn't seem to read prior documents.


I disagree completely.I was referred to her and was nervous after reading this review.

But, she has recently completed my case.

I found her direct, but not rude.She took my endless calls and was nothing but professional.

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